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Storm Shelters : Tornado Shelters & Hurricane Safe Rooms

Securall® FEMA Shelter Doors are constructed in accordance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA 320) recommended design specifications. The design is based on extensive research of the causes and effects of windstorm damage to buildings and should provide a high degree of occupant protection during extreme windstorms (tornadoes and hurricanes). A Securall® FEMA Shelter Door is a critical element when designing a safe room for protection against severe storms. Strong tornadoes have resulted in loss of the floor framing, collapse of basement walls and death and injuries to individuals in the basement. By having a safe room in your home, you can protect your family and save the lives of those you care about. For more information on safe room designs and construction, please refer to Http://www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/saferoom/fema320.shtm.

FEMA Shelter Door Standard Features: 36" Wide x 80"H Door (Overall Dimensions, including Frame: 40"Wide x 82"H) .

36” Wide x 80”H StormSafe® Door

For Use with Safe Rooms Built to the Specifications of FEMA 320.

12 Gauge Galvannealed Steel Door and Frame.
Pipe Anchors: Qty 13 Welded Inside Frame.
Anchor Screws: Qty 13 - Screw For Masonry Construction #14 x 6"L Tapcon, Coated or Qty 13 - #14 x 4"L PFH Steel/Wood Screws, Coated.
(Alternative Anchoring: 1" Weld Every 12" Around Perimeter.
Hinges: Qty 4 - 4.5" x 4.5" Heavy Weight Ball Bearing Hinges.
Lockset: Qty 1 Grade 1 Lever Handle, Locking, Withnell Style.
Deadbolt: Qty 3 Grade 1 Commercial Deadbolt.
Insulation: Qty 1 - R9 Rigid Foam.
Weatherstripping: Qty 2 - 84" + Qty 1 - 42" Screw on Weather Seal.
Sweep: Qty 1.
Threshold: Qty 1 - Extruded Aluminum 1/2" H x 5" D.
Door and Frame Finished in Light Gray Epoxy Urethane Primer.

StormSafe® Door Pressure & Debris Impact Test at Texas Tech: Pressure and Impact tests were conducted at Texas Tech University’s Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. The test on FEMA 320/ICC-500, Model HD42x84-O-LH was consistent with the guidelines of FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500 (2008) Standard for “The Design and Construction of Storm Shelters” and the ICC-500 requirement that the pressure test load should include a safety factor of 1.2. This pressure relates to a 250 mph ground speed tornado and the door installed in Zones 4&5 per ASCE 7-05 for a corner zone with the negative pressures being greater than the positive pressures. The goal pressure is 2.19 psi which must be held for 10 seconds in accordance to ASTM E330. In accordance to FEMA 320, the residential shelter guideline, swinging door assemblies should resist a static pressure of 1.37-psi for a 5-second period. The tornado test criterion uses a 3 impacts of 15-lb. 2x4-in. wood board traveling horizontally at 100-mph, which corresponds to a 250-mph wind.

Test Results FEMA 320/ICC-500, Model HD42x84-O-LH door assembly passed 2.19 psi for 10 sec.(includes ICC-500,1.2 Safety Factor) & three impacts and is qualified to meet both the FEMA 320 and the ICC-500 standards of door pressures and impacts for doors in storm shelters.

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