Tornado Safe Rooms & Shelters

Securall Storm Safe Rooms offer shelter when the other structures around you cannot. However, that’s not the only advantage to owning one of these structures; knowing that you have the means of protecting your family and loved ones in some of the most extreme weather scenarios brings with it a peace of mind which you sense every day. The value in that alone is priceless.

Our Storm Safe Rooms & Shelters also work great as secure storage units. Their fully welded construction and heavy duty door with 3 locking mechanisms make a durable and tamper-resistant place to store your valuable possessions or secure your guns and other weapons from unauthorized persons. The spacious inside dimensions allow for the storage of items too large for standard home safes.


Tornado Safe Rooms

Storm Safe Rooms

Securall Storm Safe Rooms are available in 4 convenient sizes; 4’x4’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’, and 4’x10’. These units are designed to comfortably fit in your garage while allowing for plenty of space to store your vehicles and other items. At a mere 4 feet deep, these units can be easily placed out of the way in your garage or basement. The heavy duty roof allows for storage on top of the shelter which helps to maintain the maximum storage potential for your space.
Securall Storm Safe Rooms are built for mobility. Should you decide to change residences in the future you can simply unbolt the shelter and take it with you. Or, leave it and use it as a unique selling feature adding value to the property.

Community Storm Shelters

Community Storm Shelters

Securall manufactures Storm shelters large enough to provide protection at offices, schools, trailer and RV parks, campgrounds, construction sites, public venues, etc. With enough room to safely house dozens of people during Severe Weather incidences, these units are ideal for offering safety in otherwise vulnerable locations. On top of the peace of mind these units offer to those working and living near them, they also reduce the risk to human life and therefore stand to reduce your insurance premiums as well. Contact Securall for any questions or concerns regarding our Large Facility Storm Shelters today.

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