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TS18 Tornado Shelter

Securall manufactures Storm shelters large enough to provide protection at offices, schools, trailer and RV parks, campgrounds, construction sites, public venues, etc. With enough room to safely house dozens of people during Severe Weather incidences, these units are ideal for offering safety in otherwise vulnerable locations. On top of the peace of mind these units offer to those working and living near them, they also reduce the risk to human life and therefore stand to reduce your insurance premiums as well. Contact Securall for any questions or concerns regarding our Large Facility Storm Shelters today.



  • 7'3"H x18'W x8'D Tornado Safe Room
  • 94 Bolt Down Locations
  • Door Style: FEMA 361 StormSafe Door
  • Shipping Weight: Approx. 4769 Lbs.
  • Area: 71 Sq Feet.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Design Features

Tornado Safe Rooms

All Fully Welded construction.

Easy to install. Shipped fully assembled.

Tornado Safe Rooms

Heavy-duty bolt down cement anchors

Simply place, bolt and use. Heavy-duty bolt down cement anchors secure the unit in place.

Tornado Safe Rooms

2 vents (high and low)

2 vents (high and low) with welded vent covers for fresh air flow and to reduce the build up of air pressures.

Tornado Safe Rooms

FEMA 361 StormSafe Door

Tornado Safe Rooms

Custom colors are available

Finished in grey polyurethane enamel. Custom colors are available.



Test & Approval

Tornado Shelter's Wall Assembly Debris Impact Test at Texas Tech
Securall Tornado Safe's FEMA 320/361/ICC-500 Proprietary Wall Assembly passed three impacts and meets both the FEMA 320 and the ICC-500 standards for wall systems in storm shelters . The tornado test criterion uses a 15-lb. 2x4-in. wood board traveling horizontally at 100-mph, which corresponds to a 250-mph wind, and is the criterion used in designing vertical surfaces for occupant protection.

Tornado Shelter Door Pressure & Debris Impact Test at Texas Tech
Pressure and Impact tests were conducted at Texas Tech University’s Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. The test on FEMA 320/ICC-500, Model HD42x84-O-LH was consistent with the guidelines of FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500 (2008) Standard for “The Design and Construction of Storm Shelters” and the ICC-500 requirement that the pressure test load should include a safety factor of 1.2. This pressure relates to a 250 mph ground speed tornado and the door installed in Zones 4&5 per ASCE 7-05 for a corner zone with the negative pressures being greater than the positive pressures. The goal pressure is 2.19 psi which must be held for 10 seconds in accordance to ASTM E330. In accordance to FEMA 320, the residential shelter guideline, swinging door assemblies should resist a static pressure of 1.37-psi for a 5-second period. The tornado test criterion uses a 3 impacts of 15-lb. 2x4-in. wood board traveling horizontally at 100-mph, which corresponds to a 250-mph wind.

Test Results
FEMA 320/ICC-500, Model HD42x84-O-LH door assembly passed 2.19 psi for 10 sec.(includes ICC-500,1.2 Safety Factor) & three impacts and is qualified to meet both the FEMA 320 and the ICC-500 standards of door pressures and impacts for doors in storm shelters.


Features & Benefits

Securall Storm Shelters offer shelter when the other structures around you cannot. However, that’s not the only advantage to owning one of these structures; knowing that you have the means of protecting your family and loved ones in some of the most extreme weather scenarios brings with it a peace of mind which you sense every day. The value in that alone is priceless.

Our Storm Safe Rooms & Shelters also work great as secure storage units. Their fully welded construction and heavy duty door with 3 locking mechanisms make a durable and tamper-resistant place to store your valuable possessions or secure your guns and other weapons from unauthorized persons. The spacious inside dimensions allow for the storage of items too large for standard home safes.


Product Details

Securall Storm Shelters are designed to be conveniently placed in your garage or basement. They will also work outdoors on a cement pad next to your house or barn, should you prefer. These units arrive completely assembled for easy installation. All you need to do is place and bolt down. With heavy-duty bolt down anchors to hold it in place, and sturdy steel walls capable of resisting the strongest storm winds and debris impacts, these units provide emergency shelter when and where you need it, which during a tornado is HERE AND NOW!!

We offer 4 standard sizes with occupancies ranging from 4 to 10 adult persons (larger and custom sizes are available). These units are constructed of 12 gauge, formed steel wall sections which are welded together for ultimate strength. The roof is constructed in the same fashion and is also welded to the rest of the structure. High-capacity bolt down anchors provide for proper anchoring to your concrete surface.

A heavy-duty door allows for easy access while also providing sturdy resistance to high winds and debris impacts. 3 deadbolts and a strong, lockable lever style handle, all keyed alike, secure this door. A standard view lite with hinged cover allows for a look into the outside world to help you determine when it is safe to open the door.


Shipping & Installtion

All Securall Storm Shelters are shipped fully assembled and come delivered on a standard skid right to your home or business. We wrap all of our products in bubble and shrink wraps to ensure a safe and prompt delivery. Lightweight enough to move on standard pallet jacks, these units are mobile and easy to maneuver.

Installation is fairly simple. First place the unit in its desired location. Next drill out the cement below each anchor location to then place your anchor brackets in. Finally fasten your anchors into place and tighten the Safe Room to the Anchors. Securall does not provide the installation services for these units, however, if you would like assistance with the installation and placement of your unit Securall suggests contacting a local Rigger or Contractor. We are happy to help you find someone in your area if you need.



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